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The DPE Agriculture is one of the two iterations of the Advanced Technology known as the DPE with a specific focus on the Agricultural Component. It triggers a dramatic change in plant growth rates and crop yields – typically producing 50% more plant growth and up to a 200% increase in crop yields, though contained to a smaller zone than the DPE Shield Agriculture and DPE ZED Shield.


The DPE works like a diode. It is grounded into the Earth, where it transfers excess energies from your protected zone to the Earth to be neutralized. And it does much more.

The DPE Agriculture provides a plant growth enhancement zone of 775 acres (310 hectares) with an EMF protection zone radius of approximately 1.91 miles (3 km).

The DPE Agriculture encompasses frequencies from DC to Gigahertz, except for the protected frequency of 13.4 HZ, which is the frequency of Life on Earth.

This reinstates the biospheric conditions that existed on this planet 10,000 years ago.

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Please visit synthesis.dpe100.com for further examples of research. Testimonials are available on testimonials.dpe100.com.

DPE Agriculture
  • Drastic reduction in radioactivity & radon gas
  • Total draining of EMF harmful to health
  • Extends growing season, allowing more harvests.
  • Plants have an increased resistance to pathogens & immune response.
  • Plants are healthier with greener foliage
  • Plants grow quicker & bigger   
  • The nutritional value of plants doubled or tripled

Meanwhile, 50% less water is needed, there is no need for any fertilizer or pesticides, and there is a natural reduction of the odors of animal husbandry.

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By grounding excessive energies in the environment, the DPE drastically reduces hurricanes, lightning strikes, torrential cloudbursts, hailstorms, & high winds – protecting your crops from increasingly frequent and extreme weather events.

Read more about this and more at https://dpe100.com

Hurricane without DPE 100

Hurricane without DPE July 10, 2019, Italy.

Hurricane after DPE 100 installation

No hurricane was able to form under a similar cloudburst with DPE.

To find your DPE store, visit: stores.agoohealp.com For further inquiries, email contact@dpe100.com

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What forms of EMF are protected from?

The DPE devices protect your environment from all types of EMF from all sources, manmade or natural. This includes 5G, microwave, and other sources.

What is the warranty and expected life span?

All DPE devices have a 5-year warranty with a minimum expected life of 10 years.

What is the impact of mountains?

Mountains will reduce the range a little, though remember these have a vertical zone that is at least 200 km high.

For certainty, assume the radius of effectiveness is reduced by 50%. So, for the DPE100, assume the protection zone is only 1km in radius when using around mountains. Some overlap will do no harm.

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